Why MysterySpam?

Spam is an unavoidable part of life. Over the years, many software programs have been written to try and intelligently examine each email and pick out only the relevant, wanted emails, and leave spam on the wayside. Spam writers have been just as determined to break through to the inbox. The result is: there will always be some spam in the inbox, and there will always be some important mail in the spam folder. And I will always have to wade through it still.

So if I’m going to have to wade through it, I might as well do it with some purpose. Instead of annoy me, let it amuse me (which, ps, is what spam writers really ought to be doing – writing “viral” spams). After coming across a lot of spam that just confounded me as to what they were trying to say to me, I thought I might as well collect it. For some reason, Russian spam especially entertains me. Not being able to understand the words I’m able to see the spam on a different level, or able to assign my own meaning to it. Sometimes the spam is in English, but it isn’t clear what the purpose is except to get me to click. Either way, I find it amusing. I hope you do too.