Worst luncheon ever?

You know, they always say it’s hard to make a conference room look like anything other than a conference room. Here, I think they’ve succeeded, though not it a good way. You can almost feel the sweat rising up just looking at that picture.


Appears to be some conference on procuring government contracts. No wonder everyone looked so dull and blurry…_NOVYE CONDITIONS OF WORK ON FZ-94_in the new conference programThe application of the Federal Law N94, the rules and procedures for placement of state and municipal orders6-8 2008 g., hotel "Altai"+7 (495) 792 24 31Changes in the rules of procedure and implementation 94 - FZ(course is addressed to both customers and Suppliers; included in the programme of practical examples and role play)Major issues program(reviewed in the light of changes):Innovations legislation on the placement of orders for public needsPlacing an order by the auction (full day devoted to the topic of sessions)FAS RF control in the field of state and municipal orders. Mass testing the customers at all levels: municipal, regional and federalPlacing an order by the competition and quotations, order placement from the sole supplierThe share auctions on the whole GOStorgov from the current 20% within a few months after the enactment of the Ordinance, will increase to 80%.Studios REPRESENTATIVES FAS and RF LEADING EXPERTS ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENTImportant! The seminar will be attended by government customers, the major institutions and businesses. For suppliers would be a unique opportunity not only to participate in a seminar by the supplier, but also feel themselves in the skins "customer, and the main thing to talk to them as part of the training, and in an informal setting.Price is - 24900 rublesDISCOUNTS GOS. ORGANIZATIONSRegister by phone.: