Mystery House

We offer for sale cottages and townhouses in the village of “Greenwich”   (34 km from the MKAD highway on Pyatnitskomu)       NEW CAMPAIGN from 1 to December 30, 2007 “Best cottages for the special price”   During the term of shares you can buy a second cottage queues building located in the most prestigious part of the settlement, at a cost of the first stage of cottages. In doing so, you get a discount up to 15%.   Cottage from 200 to 500 m2 plots of 12 to 27 hectare,   the price of 412-1050 thousands have. e.   Townhouses from 155 to 195 m2 plots of 2.5 to 6.7 hectare,   the price of 240-340 Tysiac have. e. (left 8 townhouses) Infrastructure (cafe, a restaurant, a round-the-clock supermarkets, guest parking, pharmacy, laundry, sports infrastructure, including playgrounds, bike path to Istrinskogo reservoir, a taxi route to innovation, etc.). Central Communications (water, sewer, gas mains, electricity 8-15 kW, weak currents). Near forest, a convenient, year-round Entrance, transportation accessibility, round-the-clock protection. An interest-free installments, the program credit “from the builder” Mortgages of the leading banks in Moscow!